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With 13 warehouses across North America, the team at Country Malt Group (CMG), is committed to providing the craft beverage industry with premier brands, highest-quality ingredients, and exceptional service.

By making it easy to get what you need, you can focus on what is important, your craft!




Country Malt offers 20 varieties of aseptic fruit purees, with additional flavors always in development. Don't see the flavor you want? Let us know and we'll pass it onto our supplier. Who knows, it may end up being the next new variety!

As a 100% grower-owned network of family hop farms, Yakima Chief Hops is uniquely positioned to establish strong relationships between the growers who supply their super-premium hops and the innovative brewing customers who utilize our products in their beer. Their Mission is to connect family hop farms with the world’s finest brewers, providing the highest quality hop products and uncompromising service.

Yakima Chief Hops vision is to be the global hop supplier of choice, focused on sustainably produced, innovative hop products. They strive to be an environmentally and socially responsible company devoted to continuously improving sustainable practices.

The finest barleys make the finest malts and Thomas Fawcett & Sons strives to procure the best barley samples from each season to maintain standards. Ale Malts are largely made from the iconic barley varieties, Maris Otter and Golden Promise, though not exclusively. Proven winter varieties such as Halcyon and Pearl are still available and the current main spring variety is Propino. Thomas Fawcett & Sons malts Wheat, Rye & Oats to offer the full range of vital ingredients from which brewers can devise interesting, innovative and delicious beers.

Through its integrated management of the barley sector in its countries of operation, Malteries Soufflet is able to meet the most demanding specifications of its brewing customers: from the field to the pint of beer, ranging from the selection of new or specific varieties through to the selection of the highest quality malting barleys for its malt houses.

Its experts manage every last detail of all the production processes at its plants with the aim of providing the finest malts.

As a leading international player, Malteries Soufflet has malt houses in Europe, Latin America and Asia, giving an annual malt production capacity of 2,280,000 tonnes.

At Loughran Family Malt, it is a combination of culture and craft which produces the best possible craft malt which our customers use to produce the best possible craft beer.

Six generations of The Loughran Family have been farming Clermont Farm since 1908, situated near the foot of the Cooley Mountains. With 2018 seeing us grow their 110th crop of barley.

Gambrinus Malting Corporation is a German-style malthouse creating unique, small-batch specialty malts from premium North American barley and wheat.

They are solidly rooted in the Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada since 1992 with facilities situated in the north Okanagan Valley between Okanagan Lake and the Monashee Range, and the beauty and purity of their home are reflected in our products.

The original equipment for Gambrinus' malthouses came from Germany and was assembled on site in Armstrong, BC. Their plants combine the best of old world tradition and modern process control.

Although production capacity has increased, we continue to malt in small batches to meet the requirements of artisanal brewers in the US and Canada, as well as throughout the world.

"The best handcrafted beer starts with the finest handcrafted malt." But handcrafting fine malt for today's discerning craft brewers requires more than a highly skilled staff and superior malting expertise. It requires passion for malting and brewing, and a consistent source of the highest quality raw material available

That's why Briess controls its supply chain From Seed to Specialty. Starting with a network of experienced barley growers and grain processing operations in Wyoming to multiple malting and roasting operations in Wisconsin, Briess produces the finest line of handcrafted available for your brewing success.

Originated in 1899 in a little town called Kreimbach-Kaulbach in the German Palatinate, there was a flour mill created which in turn after only five years, converted into a malting unit. Max Göhler, the son of the technical manager from a Berlin brewery, took over the malting group. One by one after consolidating with the “Palatia Malz GmbH,” and after four decades, they had gained one of the most critical positions in the German malting community.

There are presently over 50 base and specialty malts available, which are produced in several different assortment-bags, bulk or containers and are available throughout the world. BESTMALZ has become internationally renowned as a high-quality brand-name product with local origins and is widely appreciated by brewers of excellent beers around the world.

Founded in 1934, Great Western Malting Co. is the oldest malting company in the western United States, operating malt plants in Vancouver, Washington, and Pocatello, Idaho.

With the capability to load railcars, trucks, bulk vessels and containers, Great Western Malting supplies brewers, distillers and food processors with the highest quality malts in the United States, Canada, Asia and South America.

Great Western Malting also operates a malt and brewing supplies warehouse and distribution system known as the Country Malt Group. The Country Malt Group operates warehouses in California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Washington in the United States as well as British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in Canada.

At Canada Malting Co. Limited, we believe a better malt is in the details. We pay close attention to detail to consistently ensure a quality product and superior customer service.

We produce malt for the brewing, distilling and food markets. Our process ensures a stable supply of high-quality malt, year in and year out.

We are the largest malt company in Canada, producing approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of malt per year for brewers and distillers around the world—from the largest of multinational organizations to the smallest of craft brewers—as well as for food processors.

The history of Bairds Malt can be traced back to 1823 when Hugh Baird Senior, together with his brother Frank, founded his first brewery, Great Canal Brewery in Glasgow. The brothers then went on to set up as maltsters in 1832.

After many years, they parted ways, with Frank concentrating on the brewing business and Hugh on the malting business. When Hugh Baird Senior retired in 1878 his sons, Hugh Junior and Montague, became sole partners of the business, which consisted of two maltings: Vulcan Maltings in Port Dundas and Springbank. The company operated exclusively in Glasgow until the turn of the century.

Keen to expand upon their operations in Glasgow, Hugh and Montague leased a floor maltings in Greenwich in 1906, was then purchased in later years. In 1925, the company was in need of additional production to meet increasing demand and so obtained the Witham site and floor maltings,  followed by the acquisition of many more floor maltings throughout the UK.

In 1999, Hugh Bairds merged with another successful malting company, Moray Firth Maltings and formed Bairds Malt Ltd as it is today.