GWM’s Malt Innovation Center Manager, Teri Fahrendorf, was invited to Australia to judge the Australia Independent Beer Awards, speak at AUS IBA BrewCon about Specialty Malts, serve on the Brewers vs. Growers Panel at IBA BrewCon, collab-brew with CryerMalt customer Wayward Brewing, along with a few other stops along the way. She has graciously agreed to tell us a little about her trip.

Hi Readers! I had a very busy and productive visit to Australia.

I visited GrainCorp HQ, went to lunch with the Change & Communications Department. Also attended Mitch Dale’s going-away Happy Hour party. It was nice to meet more GC coworkers and get to know them a little.

Noel Johnson, President of Barrett Burston, congratulates Sam Füss, owner and brewer at Philter Brewing, at the Australian Independent Beer Awards (INDIES).

I sampled my fellow judges at the Australian Independent Beer Awards with three of our Malt Innovation Center malts. These malts were very well received, especially the Brūmalt.

I was interviewed on the CryerMalt-sponsored BrewNews podcast for 3 episodes. Part 3 goes into my work at GWM and the MIC: Podcast Link

Not a Zombie Apocalypse! Just blackberry puree. 

I was also lucky enough to participate in a collaboration brew day at Wayward Brewing with several CryerMalt brewery customers. I had arranged with Oregon Fruit Products who agreed to ship 4 kilos of Oregon Blackberry aseptic puree to Australia for the brewday. The brewers were impressed with the aseptic packaging and decided to “dry fruit” with the 4 kilos. We made a Blackberry Gose.

In addition, I attended the AIB BrewCon and delivered my presentation on Specialty Malts. Also spoke on the Brewers vs Growers panel, and “worked” the CryerMalt booth. It was great to meet more of my coworkers. Sampled more brewers on the three malts I had brought, again the Brūmalt stirred up the most interest from the brewers.