Name: Katie Main

Position: Hops Contract Specialist

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Favorite Part of Working at Country Malt Group: Getting to know and interact with our customers. Brewers are some of the best people that I have been given the chance to meet. Very down to earth.

Hobbies: Softball, Basketball, Cooking and Crocheting.

Favorite Sports Team: I love the Seattle Mariners — the “Kid” holds a special place in my heart, but overall my favorite guy is Edgar Martinez. He was a solid player that you could count on, and is now an integral part of the coaching staff. 

Your Perfect Beer Experience: I enjoy beer with friends at a local brewery, or at the beach. There is something to be said about great friends and supporting our industry. My favorite beer style would have to be IPAs. I know its cliché of a hop advocate to say they love IPAs, but truly they are the best tasting beer to me!

What is Most Important to You:  Family. Spending time and enjoying my family is the best part of any day.

Other Things We Should Know About You:  That I LOVE to sing. And I’m not too shabby at it.  In another life, that would be my dream job.