Name:  Breanon ‘Bre’ McCormick

Position: Inside Sales Support – Eastern Territories

Hometown: I was born in Plattsburgh, NY but moved around as a child to CT and OH. My family moved back to NY where I attended Plattsburgh State University and graduated with a bachelors in Sociology.

Favorite Part of Working at Country Malt Group:  The highlight of my work day is talking to brewers and business owners who absolutely love what they do. People who are passionate about what they do are motivating and the best to learn from.

Hobbies: I love to spend as much time outside as possible. There are a lot of opportunities for adventure living in the Adirondack Mountains and on Lake Champlain. Hiking, boating and when there is nice weather, I get to ride my Ninja 250.

 What is Most Important to You:  My friends, family and boyfriend are the priorities in my life. And laughing… laughing is important!

Random Reasons You Get Picked On:  I don’t like gravy or bacon and I’ve never seen Top Gun or Jurassic Park.

Other Things We Should Know About You:  I am the ultimate dog mom; I love my rescued Fur Babies. Siggy is a Pitt/ Rott/ St. Bernard mix and Kaypo is an Akita/ German Shepard mix. Adopt, don’t shop!